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The Mystery Jar

What’s really working in our homeschool this week: The Mystery Jar.

So many things beyond the basics look fun and enriching to do with Miss D. On the one hand, the thought of scheduling so many bits and pieces makes me want to hide under the bed. On the other hand, I don’t really trust myself to encourage her to try these things without having it as part of the routine somehow. Read more…


Keeping It Interesting

I have one of those kids who is constantly asking me, “what can we do now.”  While I may eventually respond with some variation of “figure it out – you’re too creative to be bored for long,” Miss D is only 4.5, and already gets to practice self-entertaining for a decent chunk (1.5-2 hours) most afternoons during her quiet time.  So I’m still working our old whiteboard method – throwing up a bunch of ideas, some technically “academic” and many less obviously so.  Sometimes I throw up stuff for myself, and we trade off, her stuff versus Mommy stuff like laundry or baking.  Other days I just work my stuff in naturally anyway.

We cross activities out as Miss D picks different things to do, and the other day, as she spontaneously marked through something we’d just done, I realized we were probably working in some reading practice as we went.  Otherwise, how would she have known which to cross off?

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