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Figuring Out 5 Years Old

I’ve caught myself commenting to several friends lately, “5 years old is kicking my butt.” Here are a few little “5 year old” situations from just the last 24 hours:

  • Gut-wrenching tears over losing a game of No-Stress Chess (or was it Spanish Bingo?)
  • Lying about the keys she’d snagged while visiting at her abuela’s house and trying to open a locked door with her new playmate/second-cousin Read more…

The Birthday Boy

  • Weight – 21 lbs 7 oz (v. 8 lbs 10 oz at birth)
  • Height – at least 30 inches (v. 21 inches at birth)
  • 6 teeth he’s had for a while now, not SO so much hair yet
  • Still taking two naps and sleeping 11 hours at night (no, not straight through yet!) – some signs he’ll move to 1 nap soon Read more…

Milestones, February Edition

Our newest learner, Mr. A – 6 months old at the end of February!

Just over 16 lbs. (25-50th percentile), almost 28 inches (90th percentile) – long, lean and healthy!

What he’s great at: sitting, drooling, rolling (both ways), grabbing and passing, blowing raspberries and shrieking

What he loves – his sister, being held, jumping, chewing on soft spoons, handling toys

What he’s beginning – solids! One little serving of rice cereal and one veggie, baby-led-weaning style, per day

What’s around the corner – teeth, consonants, perhaps crawling and/or cruising?

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