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Figuring Out 5 Years Old

I’ve caught myself commenting to several friends lately, “5 years old is kicking my butt.” Here are a few little “5 year old” situations from just the last 24 hours:

  • Gut-wrenching tears over losing a game of No-Stress Chess (or was it Spanish Bingo?)
  • Lying about the keys she’d snagged while visiting at her abuela’s house and trying to open a locked door with her new playmate/second-cousin Read more…

The Birthday Boy

  • Weight – 21 lbs 7 oz (v. 8 lbs 10 oz at birth)
  • Height – at least 30 inches (v. 21 inches at birth)
  • 6 teeth he’s had for a while now, not SO so much hair yet
  • Still taking two naps and sleeping 11 hours at night (no, not straight through yet!) – some signs he’ll move to 1 nap soon Read more…

Hello Kitty Mummies and More

I’m thrilled to be starting Ancient History with Miss D!

  1. It’s fun to learn these great, big, exciting stories – what’s not cool about mummies and pyramids?
  2. I’m learning things I never knew I never knew, like why Upper Egypt is in the South (ok, geography is not my strong point!)
  3. It’s giving her amazing context for the stories of her faith – without any “drilling,” she can put the Red Sea in relation to the Nile Delta on the map Read more…

Digging Into Dinosaurs

The photo-essay – the friend of the busy, tired, working & homeschooling mom who wants to keep some semblance of a portfolio/record of learning?

Reading & Watching

Anyone else who can still sing the Reading Rainbows song?  (And yes, I know a dragon isn’t a dinosaur, but Little Miss D is certain they would be related if they were real – works for me!)

Read more…

Brain Food

This week looked… different.  Partly because Ua had a day off, which meant extra time for family fun.  Partly because I was waiting for a big stack of books to come in to the library.  Partly because I really felt the urge to try some new crafts with Miss D. Partly because she hasn’t been enjoying our short little writing and reading lessons as much, and I’d rather wait until she hits a more motivated period again.

So we went out, did all sorts of crafts, listened to stories, talked and played, and there was all sorts of learning wrapped up in it all.  I started thinking about how likely it is that our learning will have lots of these ebb and flow periods, diving deep in certain areas while resting in others.  It reminded me of the good advice I heard about feeding a toddler a balanced diet – not to look at how she ate over any one meal, or even day, but over the course of a week or month.  It seems like that may apply for “brain food” as well! Read more…

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