Cardinal Alternative Learning

Infinitely Tweakable Education. Because Learning is a Dynamic Process.

About Us

Thanks for checking out our digital scrapbook, soon to be filled with mementos from our family learning adventure – projects, insights, quotable moments, sources of help and inspiration.  We have a basic idea of where we’re heading, but it’ll be interesting to see how we get there!

Who’s Who

Brenna, aka “Mommy,” and main writer here, has a dream job at our family church, getting people out into the community and world to do good. I’m probably not a natural at this mothering thing, but love can cover many flaws.  Interests (a very different thing than expertise) – community action, natural family living, theater, theology/philosophy, and books.

Ua (family nickname), aka “Daddy,” is a secondary social studies teacher and fabulous partner on the home front. Some of his interests and specialties – music, history/politics/world events, technology (green and otherwise), running and all-round goofiness.

Miss D is 5 going on 15. She’s dramatic and creative, sweet-tempered and stubborn. She makes art projects out of anything and everything, can look at books for hours, loves to dance and play pretend, and LOVES people. (photo by Mariah J. Bower photography)


Our newest addition, Mr. A, is still just a baby. He’s long and lean, energetic, determined and very physical, yet easy-going and happy. Loves music and rough play.  Can’t wait to see more of who he is emerge over time!


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Such a sweet family. God Bless. Thanks for stopping by our blog.

    • Thanks, it was fun browsing through your site! Saw so many things my daughter either is interested in (photography, learning to read) or I hope she will be some day (Harry Potter, science fairs)!

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