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Science Windows & Book Nooks

As part of my gung-ho planning phase this year, I decided maybe I needed to be more organized about science this year, pick a focus, maybe use a “real” scope and sequence from some boxed curriculum even if I pulled together my own resources.  Another plan that has not lasted!  D just loves science, and we’re a science-y family.  We can’t be limited by a scope and sequence, at least not at this age and stage!  So here’s what we’re doing for science instead, and another little tweak we’ve made to our learning system… Read more…


Too Tight, Too Loose, Just Right

I’m still figuring out what exactly I want this blog to be.  I think it’s primarily a place to share what excites me and my family, and enjoy the process of sharing, whether anyone out there is really listening or not.  Of course, I’d love to encourage others the way that I’m encouraged by great blogs I read!  But I’m a thinker, a planner, an infinite tweaker, and having a safe space to track and process what’s working, what’s challenging, the “strong moments” of victory, the big picture that inspires me – I really need it.  So by blogging, I can let people self-select and opt in if they’re interested, versus cornering family and friends and talking their ears off!

That said, this is what I’m tweaking these days… Read more…

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