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Hello Kitty Mummies and More

I’m thrilled to be starting Ancient History with Miss D!

  1. It’s fun to learn these great, big, exciting stories – what’s not cool about mummies and pyramids?
  2. I’m learning things I never knew I never knew, like why Upper Egypt is in the South (ok, geography is not my strong point!)
  3. It’s giving her amazing context for the stories of her faith – without any “drilling,” she can put the Red Sea in relation to the Nile Delta on the map

I missed a few great titles in the pic above, especially the fiction stuff like Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile by Tomi DePaola!

I wasn’t feeling very “project-y” at first, so did the easiest sounding activity – letting her smell a bunch of herbs, then choose a few to put in a bottle of oil we then left in the sun for a few days.  Ta da – embalming oil!  But the one project seemed to energize me for a few more.

Hello Kitty inside her wrappings and mask.  Why hello Kitty?  I didn’t get it at first, but Miss D explained.  Because of Bastet, of course!  And then the sarcophagus, with many intricate “hieroglyphics”…

Wrapped the week up with some math-y pyramid construction. (Yay, I skipped all the lessons about solid geometric shapes because she runs into cylinders, cubes and spheres plenty in real life.  Pyramids aren’t quite as commonplace!)


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