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That Third R

‘Rithmetic, check. Reading, going well – well enough I feel like we should start tiptoeing into spelling and some phonics reinforcement for D, who tends to rely primarily on her whole-word recognition skills. Writing – well, she likes to, so that’s good. Letter formation – probably a little behind her peers.

I’d prefer to spend more of our time on her strong areas, so we’re spending just a little time on this weak one first thing every morning, right after our circle-time-ish stuff.

  • Riffing off HWOT with one letter a day, upper and lower case, using the HWOT magnetic board and then a wide-lined white board where D adds the letter to stuff I’ve already written to help make words. Following the order given for learning lower case letters, magic c, etc. No complaints thus far!
  • I think I’m going to try making Thursday review day for this, making the letters we’ve worked on with playdough, maybe create a big lined mat to imitate lined paper. I’ve heard that can help with reversals, making the letters more 3-D…

It feels great to get this out of the way in the first 10 minutes!


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