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The Mystery Jar

What’s really working in our homeschool this week: The Mystery Jar.

So many things beyond the basics look fun and enriching to do with Miss D. On the one hand, the thought of scheduling so many bits and pieces makes me want to hide under the bed. On the other hand, I don’t really trust myself to encourage her to try these things without having it as part of the routine somehow.

So the mystery jar is my third way! All the little bits and pieces of things I’d like to introduce D to are written on little slips of paper. If she drew two slips a day, we could finish the jar in a week and be ready for the next round. But if it takes longer than a week, oh well, we’re still getting to those things more often than if we didn’t do it at all! So far though, D’s really excited to get to that last portion of our day and learn what’s in store. As Ua pointed out, it will be easy for me to swap things out as needed to keep it fresh and fun.

Here’s what’s in there now –

  • Pick a game or puzzle (hit)
  • Listen to poems and draw a picture (not drawn yet)
  • Lollipop Logic (book – miss so far) or Zoo Logic (game – she’s played before and loves it)
  • Dr. Doo Riddles (hit)
  • Puzzles with c-rods, tangrams, or pentaminoes (hit)
  • Salsa Spanish (2 slips)(hit)
  • No Stress Chess (huge hit)
  • Thinker Doodles (not drawn yet)
  • 20m on iPad – 10 with Mom/Dad selected games, 10 free play (not drawn yet -expecting huge excitement)

If the enthusiasm stays high, I’ll be tempted to add a few slips, but I’m trying to start slow enough not to burn either of us out… I’m hoping momentum will build naturally!


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