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Brain Food

This week looked… different.  Partly because Ua had a day off, which meant extra time for family fun.  Partly because I was waiting for a big stack of books to come in to the library.  Partly because I really felt the urge to try some new crafts with Miss D. Partly because she hasn’t been enjoying our short little writing and reading lessons as much, and I’d rather wait until she hits a more motivated period again.

So we went out, did all sorts of crafts, listened to stories, talked and played, and there was all sorts of learning wrapped up in it all.  I started thinking about how likely it is that our learning will have lots of these ebb and flow periods, diving deep in certain areas while resting in others.  It reminded me of the good advice I heard about feeding a toddler a balanced diet – not to look at how she ate over any one meal, or even day, but over the course of a week or month.  It seems like that may apply for “brain food” as well!

Field Trip of the Week – There was a near-tie here.  (1) We had a fabulous family fun day at the aquarium!  We’ve gone to a different, much cheaper one in the area before; this was our first splurge on the big one with sharks, seals, and otters!  Miss D’s favorite part was, predictably, seeing the sea turtle – she’s still in her reptile phase.

(2)  Our first homeschooling park day!  Miss D has been getting upset about not going to kindergarten in a brick-and-mortar school next year, but when she thinks of K, all she’s thinking about is having some more kids to play with.  (Besides Sunday school, and playdates, and library storytime, and…  Really, she’s not locked in the basement.  Still, those were her feelings.)  So we made it to park day, and she had a blast!  She met a few little girls near her age, and the older kids were pretty kind about including the littles – lots of parachute play, a little tree climbing, and just horsing around.  The next day she actually seemed excited about homeschooling – win!

Our Little Crafting Craze

Stamping hearts to paint shamrocks, finger knitting, melty beads (following a design pattern very loosely), creating a menu for her dream restaurant (many sour things included!), creating a leprechaun trap, and many more artistic moments!


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  1. Wow, this is amazing! No wonder you’re always so busy!

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