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Keeping It Interesting

I have one of those kids who is constantly asking me, “what can we do now.”  While I may eventually respond with some variation of “figure it out – you’re too creative to be bored for long,” Miss D is only 4.5, and already gets to practice self-entertaining for a decent chunk (1.5-2 hours) most afternoons during her quiet time.  So I’m still working our old whiteboard method – throwing up a bunch of ideas, some technically “academic” and many less obviously so.  Sometimes I throw up stuff for myself, and we trade off, her stuff versus Mommy stuff like laundry or baking.  Other days I just work my stuff in naturally anyway.

We cross activities out as Miss D picks different things to do, and the other day, as she spontaneously marked through something we’d just done, I realized we were probably working in some reading practice as we went.  Otherwise, how would she have known which to cross off?


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