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Resources We Love, March Edition

I am really getting my groove with CSMP as a math program, and I wonder why I don’t hear more about it! Here’s what I love about it:

  • It’s a free curriculum. Free is always good, but something I especially love about free in this case is that it means I feel zero guilt skipping over things I think Miss D has already mastered
  • I have it saved as a PDF on my iPad so it doesn’t even have to be printed out!
  • Despite all this convenience and free-ness, it’s a really good, building-understanding, not-just-computation-or-memorization-but-MATH kind of program.
  • I call it math games with Miss D b/c that’s truly what it feels like. It’s not a problem at all that she isn’t a strong writer yet, because this is anything but a worksheet intensive approach, at least at the K level
  • While I have to adjust for our home (v. school) context at points, that hasn’t felt too difficult. In fact, I can adjust the “stories” behind the math games to fit the books and manipulatives I have, AND (even more importantly) to what Miss D is interested in. So Miss D learned counting-on as an addition strategy with the Incredibles family taking out a series of Omnidroids. Whatever works!
  • While there are some manipulatives to buy, it’s not all at once.

We’re really enjoying CSMP and making progress with just 10-15 minutes 3-4x per week.

What math programs or resources do you like, and why?


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