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Highlights from Miss D’s Week

It was really a lovely, mellow week on the home front, esp. with Mr. A starting to make his naps fewer and longer pretty consistently.  (Yes!)  You already heard about Saturday. Then we had some relaxed family time on Sunday afternoon, and this is what Miss D suggested we do.  Yup, in the 80s during the first week of March!  Fun was had by all (then I bundled Mr. A into super-warm footed PJs).

We’re waiting for the next batch of books to hit the library so we can move onto some state history, but we had a lot of science fun this week!  She’s still totally into lizards after finding that lizard skin in the yard.  (Score another one for interest-led learning.) The Reptile DK Eyewitness DVD was the perfect length (and the library has more of this series).  We read more from her encyclopedia while she made an intricate lizard drawing/craft of her own design. YouTube videos of skin shedding, laying eggs and hatching.  Planning a field trip to a local reptile zoo!

We also had fun reading through an old Click, learning about trees, their life cycle, biology, respiration, different kinds of…  Still waiting on the results of a related little science experiment about how moisture escapes leaves!  We also noticed an unplanned but cool connection with this week’s maple tree/maple syrup themed Sparkle stories.

3Rs – On any given day, a good mix of creative play and intentional learning seems to have us working on 2 of our 3Rs, so over the course of the week, everything gets a little attention.  She spontaneously spent some time reading Bob books out loud one day, noticed STAR WARS written on the spine of a book at the library, told me parts of the titles of some books she picked out for herself… so she is getting it!

Here’s a few snippets from my favorite math game of the week, a guessing game with yes or no questions, “Is it red? Is it a square?” while I held an attribute block behind my back.  “… getting a no answer to a question is not a failure.  Instead, a no answer can give just as much information as a yes answer.  Another important idea… how to ask useful questions.”  Talk about learning for life!


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