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Fun Apps for Miss D

Post by Ua

Confession: I was on the iPad bandwagon early on. Before it came out, I was mildly obsessed with what possibilities it would hold for how we interact with digital media. I was thinking about this not only as a teacher, but also as a parent. What tools would help us bring more of the world to Miss D’s fingertips?

The iPad still amazes me in what it provides. Although there’s going to be more to discover, I wanted to share a few of the apps that I have enjoyed using with Miss D:

1. Science 360: This app has some great videos and pictures on a variety of scientific topics.

2. NASA: Gorgeous pictures and very detailed video. Miss D became curious about the recent Mars Rover Curiosity, and NASA had planned ahead with many videos ready to go, as well as animation.

3. Pages: Document creation helps in keeping track of different learning opportunities, as well as saving them for future reference. We used the iPad’s camera to take pictures of different items that measure (ruler, scale, watch, cups), then organized the pictures by the similarity of what is measured.  (Screenshot of the project at bottom of post.) Pages is really versatile, and I’m always learning new tricks.

4. My First Tangrams: This is a lot of fun for Miss D as she figured out shapes and scale. Lots of fun designs and challenges.

5. Doodle Buddy: At first, I was more excited about the iPad’s ability for consuming content rather than creating it. The doodle app gives Miss D a good creative outlet, making designs and pictures for us and her friends. Seeing her use the app continually reminds me to give her lots of opportunities to create for herself.

6. Toca Hair Salon: Miss D loves it when my mom visits, because that’s the “beauty salon” is in session. Naturally, I thought she’d get a kick out of this. Users get to choose characters and do any number of crazy things to their hair. The best part is the expressions they make as you wash, chop, or color the hair. Miss D has been quite enamored with this one. You can see one of her creations at top.

As Miss D grows and gets new interests that can be met by certain apps, or as newer, better ones appear, I’ll be posting them. I don’t like buying into the hype about “stuff” or gadgets, but in the case of the iPad, I’m a true believer.



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