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Fill ‘Er Up

This Saturday was a very good day.  I needed to work for several hours in the morning, overseeing our weekly food distribution for struggling neighbors, and I decided spontaneously to invite Miss D to come along.  She often goes on the weekends Ua works as well, but this would be a different team than normal.  She agreed, and though it wasn’t all fun and games, we were together.

Then after some lunch and quiet time, a chance to reconnect with our guys, I invited her out to a coffee shop for a special treat – some more “girl time,” a delicious cookie, and a bag of books, math games, etc., all wrapped up into one.  I was a little ambitious on how much “coffee-shop-schooling” I tried to squeeze in, but it was still a lot of fun.

Then we came home, and the boys weren’t back from their errands yet.  So we changed and got out the rags and bucket full of soapy water for a car wash.  Ua arrived after a little while, and we traded kids since Mr. A was hungry.  So Miss D got to have a little soapy, soaky fun with her daddy as well, helping to wash his car.  Then it was time for me to help her wash her hair for church the next day, a special weekly connection time we have.  Dinner, a little more reading from our current chapter book (Socks, by Beverly Cleary), and then bed.

At some point during the evening, she sighed and said, “I wish every day could be like today.”

It really can’t be like that every day anymore – not since Mr. A arrived.  But it was so good to have the chance to fill her love bucket to the brim.  I want to keep finding small moments, small ways, whatever ways I have, to do that this week.  Even if it means digging deep and playing “characters” with her when all I want is some peace and quiet or to knock out another thing on my to do list.

My goal for the week ahead – finding ways to fill Miss D’s love bucket every day. What are yours?


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