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Those precious words they mispronounce.  Miss D absolutely loves her “ker-EC-ters,” or characters!

Some days I’m expected to be Mufasa to her Simba (major Lion King dance parties in this house).  Other days,  it’s C3PO to her Leia.  Or Mary to her Laura Ingalls.  Most recently, I’m Elastigirl to her Vi (the Incredibles).  I love this girl’s imagination!

Star Wars has been a special connection between Miss D and her daddy.  They went to an amazing exhibit together, made a zillion crafts over the Christmas break (including character-based snowflakes), are still working their way through CDs of a radio show for episdoes IV-VI at bedtime.  Here’s a sketch she made at the height of the craze:

(R2D2 at left, Luke center, C3PO at right.)


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